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When it comes to audio, listening is king. How sound behaves is tricky and always in motion. Controlling that motion is a skill that SUNDAZE SOUND understands well. Today, traditional audio studios are scaling back the huge rooms and large budgets. With the ever changing technological landscape, SUNDAZE SOUND offers all the power and sonic bliss of the traditional studio in our Open-Concept design smart studio. Capitalizing on modern technology and audio hardware, SUNDAZE SOUND provides our clientele with all of the sweet sounds and production at the highest levels of professional quality. Whether it's sound recording, editing, mixing, mastering, or sound design.  That's not all we're about either. SUNDAZE SOUND takes a bit further, also. Providing a combined 90 years of experience, our team offers audio acoustical consulting design solutions from audio installation, recording studio builds, Home theatre acoustic consults, and custom audio implementations. SUNDAZE SOUND services also provide a "Learn To Play The Studio or (LTPS)" Workshop environment, one-on-one lessons on location at our smaller studio in Nashua NH, or remote (DAW) Digital Audio Workstation, Lessons utilizing your preferred software Pro Tools, Studio One, Logic and Now, UA LUNA! Learn More about "Learn To Play The Studio (LTPS)"



Recording, Editing

Sound Design, Live, Studio, Podcasts, Voice-Overs, Narration, Corporate Marketing, Bands, Video Gaming Audio, Commercial Radio, Movies and everything else...!

Mixing, Mastering, Sound Design

Post recording, Tuning, Trimming, Stretching, Volume correction, Time Alignment, A/V Synchronization, Multitrack editing, 5.1 surround +, Dynamics enhancement, FX, and all the rest...! 

LTPS - Workshops

Learn To Play The Studio - Pre/Post, In The box, Multitrack Mixing, Panoramic Positioning, Dynamics enhancement +, Re-Mix, Live audio, Field audio, Movies, broadcasts, podcasts, and anything audio related pre-mastering!

Audio Forensics

When your recording is done, your next step is the editing process. Sundaze Sound takes your recorded audio (wether at our studio, or from another) and begins the tedious work of tuning, shaping, cutting, cloning, trimming, leveling, syncing and oh gosh, the list goes on and on. Depending on the scope of your recording, we make sure your recording is ready for mixing. We also specialize in forensic Audio Editing. Cleaning audio, enhancing sound sources from loud surroundings, and eliminating unwanted background noise.

Post audio editing and mix mastering, Stem mastering, Two-Channel stereo master & mono master, Broadcast audio master, CD master, Social music/web services master, Podcast master audio book and movie score master and more...!


Remote Recording

Real Time Remote Recording 

Yes, it is possible to record in realtime from one studio or "space" to ours! We have all the tools necessary. Contact Us to learn more 

LTPS "Lear To Play The Studio"

Workshop Learning

Learn How To Play The Studio!  If you ever wanted to understand Recording software, Plugins, Music software, recording techniques, mixing, Editing, Mastering and sound design. Our one-on-one workshops are for you! Learn More

Audio Design Consultations 

Studio Design

We can consult and create an audio studio design plan for your own home, professional studio, or project studio. We can also consult on audio system build outs and installations.  Find Out How

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