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Audio Recording

The art of audio recording isn't just about putting a microphone in front of the source. Recording is a very delicate and calculated science which, ironically results in art. Sundaze Sound is a small open-concept studio space that utilized both the art and science needed to create amazing recordings your ears won't believe!

Audio Editing/Forensics

When your recording is done, your next step is the editing process. Sundaze Sound takes your recorded audio (wether at our studio, or from another) and begins the tedious work of tuning, shaping, cutting, cloning, trimming, leveling, syncing and oh gosh, the list goes on and on. Depending on the scope of your recording, we make sure your recording is ready for mixing. We also specialize in forensic Audio Editing. Cleaning audio, enhancing sound sources from loud surroundings, and eliminating unwanted background noise.

Audio Mixing

At Sundaze Studio, the audio mixing process is lots of fun for both the client and us. It's one of the most creative parts of recording music and a real opportunity to connect with our clients/producers/artists, and bring their ideas to life. From full band to sound design projects, Sundaze Sound will dive right in and mix multi-tracks sometimes 100s of them! 

Audio Mastering

At Sundaze Sound, audio mastering is the final sonic step in producing a final recording. From demos to gaming applications, spoken word narrations to publication podcasts, this final step in heavily dependent of the mixing process and is where volumes, dynamic compression and eq techniques all make a huge impact on your final production.  

About Sundaze Sound

When it comes to audio, listening is king. How sound behaves is tricky and always in motion. Controlling that motion is a skill that SUNDAZE SOUND understands well. Today, traditional audio studios are scaling back the huge rooms and large budgets. With the every changing technological landscape, SUNDAZE SOUND offers all the power and sonic bliss of the traditional studio in our Open-Concept design smart studio. Capitalizing on modern technology and audio hardware, SUNDAZE SOUND provides our clientele with all of the sweet sounds and production at the highest levels of professional quality. Wether it's sound recording, editing, mixing, mastering, or sound design. That's not all we're about either. SUNDAZE SOUND takes a bit further, also. Providing a combined 90 years of experience, our team offers audio acoustical consultation design solutions from audio installation to recording studio builds. Always ask!


Our Pricing

Audio Recording/AudioEditing/Audio Mixing/Mastering


At Sundaze Sound, we are a multi platform DAW studio. Client needs, we use Protools, Studio One, Logic etc. Our recording system is the UAD Apollo platform with LUNA recording system. A powerhouse system with a combination of UNISON technology and outboard rack gear to complement and treat any recording with warmth, depth and wide stereo/multi-point surround recordings. Expect the usual editing abilities from , cleaning up audio, time stretching, tuning, duplication, sequencing, traditional effects and much more. Our mixing process is the second to last step in the process, preparing the session for Mastering. Mixing in today's studio is still dependent on the ears of the engineer, client/producer(s), bands collaboration. Automation and manual fader treatment, stereo placement, frequency un-masking and much more.

Forensic Audio Editing


At Sundaze Sound, a deeper dive into the world of audio. Some of our clients have old recordings or sensitive material that require audio enhancement or forensic services some of which are deep frequency parting, white/pink de-noising, rumble or mud removal, speech enhancement, sound isolation and more.  

Field Recording/Sound Design


Sundaze Sound can come to your location to record for specific needs as in, podcasts, audio/video, interviews, live music, shows, speeches, corporate presentations. Sundaze Sound also designs unique,  special sounds (foley) as it is known in the industry for special effects, video gaming, audio books, or any production that requires a proprietary effect. 

Our Team

Sean Fitzgerald

With over 30 years of experience, and working with many different artists as a drummer and in studio. Sean learned from being apart of the music industry engine. He can't dance, though. Not even a bit. 

Pete Tentindo
Guitarist/Engineer/Producer/Jr. Partner

Peter's talents are self evident the second you see, and hear him work. With a gifted pair of ears and production awareness, Peter knows just what's needed to make a final production shine! His skills include, guitars, piano, voice, engineering, production, songwriting, score writing, orchestration and cool hats!

Paul "Pappy" Harper
Retired/Engineer/Technical Advisor

Paul owned his own popular Massachusetts based studio for years known as Riverworx Productions. He and Sean partnered and worked together since 2011 until Paul retired from active ownership. Paul is still a critical member of the team as an advisor and consultant to everything audio. Also, "Pappy" will put hot sauce on anything. Even bananas if you let him.


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Office Locations

Nashua NH

Haverhill, MA (Coming Summer 2022) 

  • Recording/Editing/Mixing/Mastering
  • Forensic Audio Editing
  • Live Recording/Foley/Sound Design
  • Production


Sundaze Sound is located in Nashua NH (Formally Riverworx Audio Productions LLC.) 
1 Chestnut St. Suite 301
Nashua NH 03060


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